First Post

December 9, 2011

To mom: For teaching me how to read at such a young age. For teaching me how to be creative and to "live in the clouds" (AKA, being a dreamer). For all the love. For being my best friend for 21 years. For spoiling me by bringing those delicious sandwhiches to my desk on my 20-hour-long development/gaming sessions. A long time has passed, but i still miss you like i'd have lost you yesterday. May God keep you safe up there.

To dad: For teaching me how to think and view the world like an engineer. For explaining me how the world works, with luxury of details. For never getting tired of answering all my incredibly specific questions, and instead, embracing my curiousity. For being strict, and teaching me discipline. For buying my first, second and third computers and paying for the repairs when i fried the CPU back when i was learning ASM, which finally led me to meet one of my best friends. For teaching me that when life kicks you in the balls, you need to get back up and continue walking.

To my fiancee: For being my best friend, ally and partner in crime. For being patient with my extremely time-consuming endeavors and helping me keep my feet on the ground. I'd surely be on the street without your wise advices. For being there every time i needed you. For all the love you give me every day. For making me smile again every time that tragedy striked my life.

To my grandfathers and grandmothers: For teaching me that if you're willing to work hard enough, the sky is the limit. It doesn't matter where you started, both of you are proof of that. Also, for teaching me that my word is more important than any piece of paper. For teaching me to be decent, hard working and honourable.

To my friends and the rest of my family: For caring for me. For all the moments and experiences we've shared together so far.

To my former bosses and coworkers: For all the stuff we've worked on together over all these years. For making me love my profession every single day of my life. I still remember every single one of you.

To O'Reilly: For publishing my book.

To everyone at #BBG on For being a constant source of inspiration and admiration.

And finally to you: For reading this blog.

Thank you.